A Review of the 1999 Toyota Corolla

1999 Toyota CorollaAre you a recent college graduate are you under employed. You’re liable and sexy vehicle to get to the renaissance faire. Well how about the 1999 Toyota Corolla and grandmother white. Well. 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine 25 horsepower that’s 5 more than the 99 model the average force weighs 1000 pounds that’s 5000 pounds of course me and that’s a lot of glue offenses ago 0 to 60. Our offense then you can’t tell if guy come home running in styling is basic. It won’t turn heads but it will turn right. And what. Spacious but practical the interior features comfortable seats with the soft fabric that’s bland but smooth to the touch.

Like an elephant. MPG miles per gallon. New tail lighta and 1999 Toyota Corolla headlight assembly. City 24 highway 29 driveway. Ladies choice. One downside is that if you’re over 5 foot 8 the backseat is a little cramped. However. Air bags to seat belts 5 to plus 5.7 at a retail value of $5000. The portable compact 2000 to see is a smart by. Got money to waste go to Vegas. Need a way to get there.