Led light bulbs for cars

Expect GAAP and optimistic that we want come out today and so has many facts were easy how well there is a book that had anyway so I’ve been trying out some new boards the span LED bulbs if I change my vision once highly dates for SBI energy saving and. For a boy to and stuff will know the Kobe energy saving what it will be because they cut the work. I’ll show you how how much point to the out the normal standard believes the couple a few cow and then you want stumble Fuca a lot lot cheaper than these things as well if you’ve got a cow do not touch these builds. These ones are just bought a very and about to send them back. With this video to the sellers to say look you’re selling bold say that you really should not be selling because he’s a dangerous. This is supposed to be this one he expects pit stop tail light.
led bulb car
You learn not so people know your stopping. But I am not a close up of a foot down on the brakes. The daily register as it goes from dim. Slightly less dem. Which we’ve got going they were medically from slowing down. I’m not seen quite cloudy day out they feel so so my dad was a point I Unitel I told my but also on absolutely disgusting that. And these these are supposed to be giving with almost them lots on they’d be really point but not absolute waste of time. You know that got me to catch one you see in the video here that they are a pull it lead to had. So these college militant Saleh there also going to go back with this via I’m making and I will be put this video on YouTube the well for the world to see. So I must admit he’s to everybody do not touch these LED bulbs or at least not the sort. There are the souls of led light bulbs are prone to give off a little bit more light than these but the ones themselves absolutely atrocious dangerous do not put in your car very varied much doubt that your person I. T. with the source the start of boobs.

Because it is not given often a flight and white let’s watch the video. Somewhat similar. Well I’ll just fitted. Always builds. If they. Let me read you one move really lovely lovely. The trailer for outgoing as well about coco CO M.. And that’s just fit to this Lippisch LED Starley one of these things. And as you say this. Sorry if what can offer you even know the song. It’s a bit of danger. But that which is gone gloriously.

That’s how one. Now to show you the. The back lights. Sports be bright lights as well okay alongside lights at the moment. Yeah marketing showed up for the moment. Okay so with all. No Mossad locks on. Okay. Now fulfill the break your curves. My very long foot longer. Okay. A. Thanks. Okay will come when the shit on pilot fessed up glorious that very very quiet kind. Then out of the side. Like a dim is. But he’s terrible. You see a massive massive difference though. If I show you close up. That’s a place so. Barely visible. And then to this one place up. Which is a lot of well the point about. So my opinion of early days. It’s notable that I told her there was a very very expensive ones are any better. But well. Looking at that against what is love them all.