Honda Accord window motor replacement.

Honda Accord window motor replacementOkay help us a lot out to welcome the limited and it is today we’ve got 2003 Honda accord 4 door we’re going to change at the from window motor and regulator and assembly you pretty much can be changing out everything right here and yes it is all sorts of fun to change it up so it’s good to get started. Okay so first thing you wonder is down here and got a pop out of the little cover. Not that bad boy there and. Number that we have filled his group. The way. I. It. A. Public felt that way set next up is stripped commotion here. But we’re going to purchase and her hair pulled Clinton. And behind it and thought it out. You can access it you were screwed. Well there. So those rumors. Games are popular and love them. I. Sometimes you get a stubborn one he’s had to be real careful and pulled. They’re. That pretty much gives you some room in there we’re gonna live straight up. Straight up. We go from the back published over to Iraq. And he’s working away for.

No one and remove the door panel know when you get this clipper here I just use a little further screwed over pushed past peace be very careful so you don’t break it what you get their bra retainer to move sideways she is not the right on out upload yet 2 plugs in here and there’s a light wants is on the way they have access right here so it could move this cover a year will get into with that of motorists. Low income gloves to someone as good stuff is. Well what you get is broke down right here got 3 tomorrow and now one of the half remove. This up one if you bought a much use means nothing side metaphor. Good and pushed a button and back. Unplug your. Let’s get better right there that one right here just loosen up a little. And pretty much no slatted floor and the Florida. But now wants is free them just gonna walk you do this part here averted pulled someone apart you have 2 bolts appear they have to be removed. You have 2 bolts down here they’re gonna have to be a bit.

Then he had the 3 every year for the motor once those are removed. You’re going to actually have the access you need and unplug your why right here. So let’s go and start working that we have to check for the next that is what we get it down so we have to both the window from the assembly that we’re gonna pull it out so let’s get that done. Never hear pretty much the fun begins I use one of these it’s a 4 bit 10 millimeter and I just reach right up in the door.No one under sized. So not only about 30. With the slogan we also returned to work together. Read somewhere else. It. Yeah. A. Never married but abuse duct tape noted there or anything I get a buddy to hold it your religion it worked out the articulators.

Pretty much your old regulator in assembly out of the car that would have swapped the boat back over and. The window belt to back in there. Going to the new and then get ready. Now the fun begins getting this bad boy back in there lining up the window getting the boats and they’re holding the window oh yeah the fun part is about to begin. So let’s go search taken this bad boy another one out of the window back up get it out of the way and so we can only. Now the whole key to this is with the news simply it set up. You want to go for these 2 holes right here. You get everything kind of lined up you can reach in there so I get the ball holes where they were now sometimes you don’t get that luxury when it’s . All now working. So that’s why we had a fight it out but go back in. Your goal right here for the bolts. To attach the regulator and the subway to the window so let’s go and get it lined up. And boarded up.