ZF made an offer to the company Haldex.

ZFGerman automaker-supplier intends to acquire the entire share capital of the Swiss company, and for cash. The transaction amount is estimated at 4.4 billion of Swedish kronor, equivalent to 514.76 million US dollars. The claimed amount exceeds the proposed price several months ago of SAF-Holland: ZF premium is on 34.4% above than the average market value of the last three months.

Haldex Board of Directors unanimously supported the adoption of the proposal. It is expected that both sides would benefit in the global trend of the future of mobility. This is strategic plan of ZF Group until 2025.
Haldex develops and supplies brake systems and air suspension modules for trucks. More than half of the turnover the company is doing in the North American market, another third – in Europe, and the rest falls on the share of Asian and South American markets.

Joining the company Haldex in the ZF Group will enable to supply with “one-stop” the drive and suspension components, as well as the brake system and air suspension modules for trucks.